Hello, third trimester!

And hello searing back pain, the inability to pick things up from the floor, raging hunger followed shortly by overwhelming fullness, unpredictable hot flashes, and face-numbing tiredness.

It's all happening!

I am so happy to be on the final stretc...


I don't know why it has taken me so long to fully realise, but I am definitely a misfit.

Maybe it has just become more pronounced as I have gotten older, maybe I have become less able to adapt to certain situations (or just less willing), or perhaps I have just become m...


It really is a minefield being a woman.

I bang on about these things a lot, I know, but I won't apologise.

I believe these issues should be at the very least acknowledged, hopefully addressed, and, in the long run, behaviour actually adjusted accordingly. 

And a change in...


As I write, I am 24 weeks 3 days pregnant. I have now been growing a human inside of me for over SIX MONTHS. Its amazing, and hard, but mostly amazing.

In many ways the start seems so long ago, and I can't believe I have been on this crazy journey for so long already. I...


Devoted wife, mother, our Nanny,

My lovely memories of you are many

A strong, kind woman who got things done

Always making and mending for everyone.

You helped take care of us when we were small,

Sure to feed us ‘til we got tall

From our house to yours by foot, bike, or car



In July my husband and I started trying for our first child. For me it was a long time coming, but we had an agreement and a rough plan for when we thought I should give birth, so July it was.

At 29, I was anxious about my fertility and really keen to fall pregnant befo...


That old Ruth Burke quote ‘only boring people get bored’ plays on my mind a lot. I mean, not a lot, but I think on it pretty regularly.

I don’t feel like I am particularly boring, though I am sure some people would disagree, and I enjoy being in my world and the life th...


One of the most persistently frustrating things about being a woman is the way in which everything eventually comes down to appearance. Always.


Is it on purpose? Or is it so ingrained within society that this just happens reflexively? Do those that do this know that th...


Writers write. So write.


I have a mid-year resolution – I will be writing.


Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking: you already write, that is literally your job, you are a writer and thus, you write. And you would be correct, that is my job, I am a writer, I write ever...


There are some parts of the Middle East that are almost indistinguishable from Europe. A huge Western ex-pat community, and the shops, bars, hotels, and events built to accommodate them, plus a booming tourism industry in many places, are a major reasons for this - wit...

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