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By Alex: 028

Merry month of Christmas!

I am just a bit excited about Christmas this year. I always love it: the cosiness, the twinkly lights, the good food, the family time – but this year is a whole new level. There is nothing like the innocent joy of a 2 and a half year old discovering Santa, reindeer, and Christmas trees to put an extra shot of magic into the festivities. Plus, this year there is the added excitement of a new baby that could come anytime now.

It’s nice to look forward to something again. After a few months of either aching sadness or dull antipathy it does feel good to get excited, even if it’s over something silly like Christmas decorations. We didn’t plan on being in Qatar for Christmas this year - this will be the second one in row we spend on our own over here - and I am a little sad that my son hasn’t experienced a real winter since he was 8 months old, but I am working over-time to make this year extra special for our little family.

It definitely takes a little something extra to make it truly feel like Christmas in this country. I am also hyper aware that if I don’t plan well in advance things could go very off course if the baby decides to make an appearance early. That is not my strong point. Things not going to plan? That’s a hard no from me. I need order, I need to be prepared for all eventualities. All of which is very difficult to achieve with a new baby in the mix.

So, I am calling on that third trimester nesting inclination to really get whatever I can sorted. Every week feels like a step closer to the unknown and unpredictable – even though in reality I expect baby girl will actually come on her pre-arranged date and not before – but I am pushing the anxiety down and am determined to be as ready as I possibly can be.

I just want my son to have a great time. This Christmas feel like it may be the last special thing we have with just him and, even though he probably won’t even remember it, I want him to be the happiest boy in the world during this time.

And if baby girl decides to join us a little earlier than anticipated? I know it will be even more special…and at least I know I’ll already have the presents and food already organised!

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