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By Alex: 020

April is here, and so is the final pregnancy stretch!

At 37 weeks, I have just over 2 weeks until my due date...and I am so ready to meet this little guy.

In the last week or so I have gone from enjoying a pretty breezy pregnancy, to feeling like I am carrying a large boulder around, one that sometimes gets struck by lightening. This baby is heavy and his head is definitely down!

To add insult to injury, laying down has now become the most painful position to be in. Whether on my back or side, its agony, and being unable to properly rest or sleep is definitely compounding the general weight bearing issues.

Other than that though, I feel like nothing has changed, nothing has progressed, and this baby is never going to come out!

I guess I must have made such a lovely home for him that he doesn't want to leave, but I am so desperate to hold him in my arms, and to start obsessively watching him sleep, to put him in all the lovely outfits we have for him, and even to change his nappies! Desperate.

And with each day that passes, I get a little more anxious about his health and actual labour...and a little more excited about the prospect of not being pregnant anymore, of having my body back (purposely not thinking too much about the breastfeeding situation).

But my doctor tells me that the baby is big, even mentioning induction or elective c-section, and though he is head down, he has been 'sunny side up' for the last few weeks. All of which means that the chances of him naturally engaging for labour is lower, and the chances of a difficult labour when the time comes is higher.

Good times.

A few months ago I was convinced that he would come this week, I don't know why...but now this week is here, it just feels so unlikely.

I think I may be pregnant forever.

Or maybe it will happen today!

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