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For Nanny

Devoted wife, mother, our Nanny,

My lovely memories of you are many

A strong, kind woman who got things done

Always making and mending for everyone.

You helped take care of us when we were small,

Sure to feed us ‘til we got tall

From our house to yours by foot, bike, or car

A journey so familiar, you and Grandad never far.

At the bottom shops for an after school treat,

Or making sneaky ice-cream floats, always plenty to eat

Sunny days in the garden, with Grandad in his shed

Or heading down to the park, us cycling just ahead.

I can still see you and Grandad with your pot of Rosie Lee,

And smell the juicy burgers you are cooking us for tea

Pocket money every week, slipping extra when you could,

Your kindness a childhood constant, like your house in which I stood.

The stoic matriarch that kept us going,

With your help I grew up knowing

That women can be tough and still so loving

And I’ll remember that lesson now that my own family is growing.

With love and appreciation,


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