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By Alex: 001

So in keeping with my blog intro and about me page, I am changing things up over here. Right now, clothing collages are not really doing it for me and I think that if fashion is going to be a part of this site, it probably won't be in that form very often.

I will level with you: I just want to talk. I don't think many people are reading this (or any) so it's the perfect way of putting my stuff out there for the sheer pleasure of it.

Not that I think it will always be a pleasure. Trust me, I have several posts sitting in my drafts folder that I am too scared to publish right now. But I am finding my voice, so I will give myself a break. All in good time.

Plus, it's not as though I feel like everything I have to write is interesting, unique or important. Opinionated as I am, I know my place within this thing we call internet. But it is all valid, and valuable, even if only to me, so I am going to work on getting over my fears as much as possible.

Stay tuned.

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