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Hello, I'm Alex. 

I have always loved words. I constantly had my nose in a book as a child and was furiously filling page after page of my diary as an angst-ridden teenager, before heading to university to continue doing what I always enjoyed most at school: writing essays.


The way words are arranged on a page, and the particular ones chosen, can transform and transport the reader in the most unique and personal way. To harness some of that incredible power is to create magic, and I love to cast spells. 


Now a thirty-something (cough cough) year old, I live and work in Doha, where I moved from the Midlands in 2014. 

I knew that starting from scratch in a new country would be the perfect time to give a writing career my best shot; and I wasn't disappointed.   

I have worked in both an advertising agency and marketing department environment, have experience in both digital and print content, and can turn my hand to academic, business, and more personal writing styles. 

So while my personal blog may be a little 'no punches pulled,' I certainly know how to tailor my professional services to individual and business needs - be it technical business content creation, academic proofreading, digital copy writing and editing, or a combination of any of the above.

Get in touch if you fancy working with me, I am always looking for new opportunities and exciting projects.

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